Wonder Window

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. – Albert Einstein

The Wonder Window has been introduced to provoke interest and invite student thinking and self-expression. Students choose to visit the Wonder Window and contribute to our classroom Wonder Book. At the Window, the students have the opportunity to observe the nature outside and make note of what he or she sees and wonders. Each child will later share their entry with the class, making observations and stating theories inspired by our classroom view into the outdoor space. This provides the opportunity for students to make sense of the world around them and look critically at the elements of their local environment.

This authentic opportunity is easily created in any classroom where there is a window with an outdoor view.  Simply set up the space with a chair, blank notebook and coloured pencils and invite students to share what they are wondering about.






I wonder what the Earth is made out of – K Student


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