Ella & The Balloons in the Sky


Ella and the Balloons in the Sky is a beautifully written story by Danny Appleby with whimsical illustrations by Lauren Pirie. These two Torontonians collaborated to create what we believe is a magical tale with an inspiring message, with a soothing and delicate aesthetic to boot.

In the story, Ella awakes one day to find her pets are mysteriously floating up to the sky. She does what she can to keep them on the ground, but learns that while her treasured animal friends may be leaving her, they will be forever in her heart to cherish. This story of love and loss designed for young children is sure to capture the hearts of your students.

This rich read-aloud has endless possibilities for learning in the classroom. Not only does the book act as a beautiful provocation for drawing and painting, but reading this story to our students has elicited thoughtful dialogue and deep connections to their own lives.

Here are a few of our own student anecdotes:

This makes me think about mom when I am at school. I am here at school and she is at work, but I can keep her in my heart and see her later – E

My dog was dead one time. I think about him and love him and I can look at the sky and know he is there and I still love him. – P

Even if someone is gone, you can still be connected. – J

There is nothing like having one of those books in your collection that you can pull out time after time and still receive a thunderous applause and see an audience of engaged little faces. For us, this is that book.

Feeling inspired to own a copy? It’s available at various book stores throughout the city. It can also be purchased online at Amazon or Indigo.




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