Scaffolding Emergent Writing

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scaffolding Emergent Writing – ZPD[1] copy – Article Click Here


Scaffolded Writing is an innovative method of supporting emergent writing based on Vygotsky’s theory of learning and development. This article discusses the theoretical notions underlying the method: the zone of proximal development, scaffolding, materialization, and private speech. A description of Scaffolded Writing is given along with classroom examples. A case study of 34 at-risk kindergarten children is reported that illustrates the effectiveness of this method in supporting children’s emergent writing. – Scaffolding Emergent Writing in the Zone of Proximal Development. – Elena Bodrova and Deborah J. Leong


In our experience, the scaffolded writing strategy has supported students in developing their ability to remember and record an elaborate thought, building the stamina in their writing, leaving spaces between words and developing an eagerness to represent their ideas in print.  As teachers, we are able to support students that fall on a wide developmental range, meeting each student where he/or she is.  Student growth is observed and documented over the course of the year, beginning with one or two words and moving to lengthly sentences, and from teacher supported opportunities to independent writing.








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