Light Table Stories

The Light Table provides a unique opportunity for students to select, explore and intentionally arrange materials. Thoughtfully placing each inanimate object down on the illuminated surface, students are invited to create their desired image. Once satisfied with their completed piece, teachers engage with students to provoke thinking and invite students to orally explain their visual narrative.




We go to the beach and then we go swimming. After that we go back to the hotel. The orange ball of string is the sun. At the beach there is rocks, water, fish, and seaweed. The beige string all at the bottom is the sand. The rocks is where the hotel is. My family is inside. My dad is blue, then my mom, me, my sister, my big brother and the tiny one is my baby brother. – K Student



The fish got swept into the whirlpool by a big gust of wind. The jewels were thrown into the whirlpool by all of the people standing around to get the fish to hold onto them… to help them. But inside the whirlpool there are fish traps whirling around because the whirlpool wants all of the fish to stay inside. The fish cannot escape because there is sand that swirls and they can’t see the jewels. The fish whirl down all the way and no one can tell where they will go – K Student


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