Choosing an Easel

When Kindergarten teachers go hunting for furniture for their classrooms, an easel is one of those pieces that strikes high on the priority list (at least it does for us!) When it came time to choose an easel for our classroom, we chose your typical Kindergarten tripod easel – it’s at the eye level of our students, is nicely angled, and is what we considered a lovely venue for painting. Google “Kindergarten easel” and you will of course be inundated with photographs of a traditional, angled easel. We had never challenged this type of easel, and placed one in our classroom for September.


Painting on a Tilted Easel


One day, the idea of a “Flat Easel” was brought to our attention. This was a thought-provoking idea for us. Why should children paint on a surface in which their work would drip? A flat easel (simply a table dedicated to a space for painting) would provide a space for children to paint without the worry of their paint dripping and ruining their pieces.

Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 2.28.46 PM




We do have both easels in our Kindergarten classrooms, and see the value in both. We often bring pastels to our tilted easel and paints to our flat easel, but this changes often. What type of easel do you think will work best in your space?


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