Takaharu Tezuka: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen

In this TED TALK, architect Takaharu Tezuka walks us through the design process for a unique Kindergarten space that “attempts to change the life of children”.




Make it Meaningful

Make it Meaningful – Article Click Here

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Our article, “Make it Meaningful! Emergent Literacy in the Kindergarten Years,” was written collaboratively to outline how a Reggio Emilia-inspired classroom environment and emergent curriculum fosters literacy development in our early learners.

Literacy can and does develop naturally in a classroom environment that is purposeful in its organization and where depth of thinking is supported. – Logaridis, Siegrist, Tranter

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Consider The Walls – Patricia Tar

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In this article, Patricia Tarr inspired educators to consider the walls in their classrooms and have them act as a reflection of the learning that takes place in the space.

Consider The Walls – Article Click Here

The challenge for early childhood educators is to think beyond decorating to consider how walls can be used effectively as part of an educational environment. In Reggio Emilia the walls display documentation panels of projects that children are engaged in. These become the basis of ongoing research and dialogue between the children, teachers, and families. Panels of photos, artifacts, and text make “learning visible” to participants and to outsiders (Rinaldi 2001).